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Hello All,

My name is Joshua Earle. I finished my Undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in Music Composition in 2010. As I was completing that degree I became interested in Transhumanism as many books, websites and TED-style talks were beginning to sprout around the topic. The idea of being able to enhance oneself was compelling to me, but also raised some questions: who is making the tech, for what purpose would the improvements be made, who would have access to these improvements, etc. Upon doing some classwork here at Virginia Tech, I came across this image:


The language in that logo parallels a lot of the language around Transhumanism and sent me down a hole that has led me to realize that the connections between the two are deeper, and more striking than we realize, and could be incredibly dangerous if not revealed and dealt with.

I look forward to delving into a lot of interesting discussions with all of you.

I'm Jim Collier. Thank you very much for participating as a member of our community. I'm an Associate Professor of STS and graduated from this program in 1998. After a brief stops at two other universities, I returned in 2001. If you're interested in department lore and a few tall tales, let me know. Broadly, I am interested in the philosophical end of STS. While trained as an undergraduate in the analytic tradition (please don't old that against me), I quickly realized that the interdisciplinary approach to science—and knowledge—pursued by STS offered a more complete, accurate and significant approach to the questions in which I am interested. I work on questions related social epistemology—a normative approach to how the pursuit of knowledge—understood as a fundamentally social activity—should be reimagined, organized and governed. I edit the journal Social Epistemology and a book series (Collective Studies in Knowledge and Society). I founded an organization, Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective that may lend possibilities to you for publication (ask Josh). Thanks again for being a part of our class.

Roger B bio: raised in VA, OR, WA, TX, ID; graduate of Boise High, USNA, NPS and various other schools. MSAE is academic degree. Active duty Navy 1962-1994; aviator, then advanced systems manager; JHUAPL program manager then found my way to VT.

have been a science and technology user and practitioner. main philosophy statement would have been "crush the commies". now am very interested in exploring the "why" of it all

Hello All:
My name is Annie Y. Patrick. I am a first year PhD student in the STS program. I recently graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Network Technology and a graduate certificate in "Information Assurance" (a fancy way of saying cyber-security). A long time ago, while in an MLIS program, I read an article/interview with Sir Timothy Berners-Lee ("Six Degrees of Separation" in New Scientist magazine—if you are interested) and he said: “The web is changing society dramatically, in ways that we have to be careful to track…I think we have to be very aware of its power as we develop new web technologies so we make sure we're using them to make a better world.” From that moment, I wanted to understand more about technology and society…and here I am. I'm not sure of my direct research interests, but I'm sure that through this program, I will find it.
Good Luck to everyone!!!!!

Hey gang—- Marie Stettler Kleine here. I'm a third year PhD student in the STS program, and while I've loved my coursework and all the lovely people that I've had the opportunity to engage with through enriching conversations in them (including some of you all), I'm pretty pumped that this semester includes my last-first day of courses. That said, after I round the corner into destination dissertation, I hear there is no turning back.

I have a undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and international studies from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (If you've never heard of it, you're not alone!). My involvement in Engineers Without Borders peaked my interest in how religious difference between engineers, engineers and the villages they're working with, religion's influence on the NGO that's running the operation, and participants' basic understanding of their own morality influence engineering for development projects and design. This work will be done through a mixture of pseudo-ethnography and archival work to best paint the broader picture of how development fits into similar-looking historical movements (i.e.humanitarian aid more broadly, colonialism, and work done by missionaries). I'm hoping that this interest can morph into a genuine ability to work with engineers through normative questions surrounding how religion ought [or ought not] collide with design. If any of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to check-in and we'll have a chat!

I also have both an adorable dalmatian and a scrappy little terrier mix, so if you're looking for some puppy time— don't be shy!

Hi everyone,

I'm Kian Lua. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin- Madison in Economics and Physics. I went on to work as a piping systems engineer in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and later completed a master's degree in Economics at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, which houses a mainly heterodox economics department and program. Hence, I have been trained in both mainstream (neo-classical) economics, and non-mainstream or alternative economic thought and theories, such as Post-Keynesianism and Modern Money Theory.
Given my interdisciplinary background, I've always wanted to integrate science and technology with economics and the humanities. I am excited to learn more about how I can do this in the STS program.

Hello All,

Apologies for my delay in posting this biography. The beginning of this term has been hectic to say the least, but I am ready to finally get into the swing of things.

My name is Amanda Phillips and I am second year Ph.D. student in Science and Technology Studies. This class will be the last one of my course work, and I am very ready to move on to the research and writing stage of the process. I have a M.A. in Digital Media and Popular Culture and a B.A. in Music History. Its an eclectic background and one grounded in interdisciplinary educational structures and methods. I am currently interested in Infrastructure Studies and Highways.

In my spare time I play on the Club Water Polo Team here at Tech. I am also co-chairing ST Global, an graduate student STS/STP conference that takes place in the early spring. We are currently looking for volunteers to help produce this exciting event, so if you are interested don't hesitate to reach out.

My name is Ezra Awumey, I am a recent graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta. My degree was in Philosophy with minors in Psychology and Neuroscience. I am in this program to better understand how technology has shaped and will continue to shape human life. I hope to go into intellectual property rights law and start a technological innovations company. I have worked at the department of energy and a project management startup.

In my free time I teach and play guitar as well as write music.

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